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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2010|10:55 am]
Takatori Reiji
White Day is almost upon us and I've just ordered what is hopefully an appropriate gift for the person who gave me a gift on Valentine's Day. I hope the expense is appropriately scaled up. It's been a while, you know...

((ooc: Crawford will be getting a set of golf clubs in the mail tomorrow.))
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2010|04:40 pm]
Takatori Reiji
Do not concern yourselves, my friends. I will be along in due course. I've already attended five meetings today, played Mahjongg with a former PM (Koizumi, if I may namedrop) and only now have I made time for lunch.

Give me a few days and I'll be there.

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2010|09:03 pm]
Takatori Reiji
I had a most interesting dream this morning. I needed a warm shower afterwards it was so intense.

In my dream, I was standing outside the Diet building, surrounded by journalists, accepting a trophy that was somehow supposed to signify I had won an election.

I gave a speech about the deaths of my three bodyguards who had died protecting me from an assassination attempt. There were tears. No, none of them were mine. I introduced the reporters to my daughters, Ouka and Nanako, who were immediately accepted and loved. Somehow I just knew that Crawford had entrusted Nanako to me in his will.

Then, suddenly, I was giving a speech in the Diet in my underwear.

According to this dream dictionary:

Trophy: Recognition for hard work.
Journalists: My life is being observed.
Election: I'm making a choice which may affect others.
Speech: I need to speak my mind more. (Good to know.)
Daughter: Represents Ouka's qualities. So beauty, intelligence and determination.
Adoption: "To dream that you or others are adopting a child, indicates that you are taking on something new and different. Ask yourself what is missing in your life that would make you happy." It IS true I need a new set of golf clubs.
Assassination: A hopeless situation averted.
Underwear: I'm ready to reveal something previously hidden.

I can only conclude I want to be more open about my connection to Ouka, I need to be more demanding and passionate about my path in life and I should buy a new set of golf clubs. The mind is a curious thing indeed.
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Well, I say... [Feb. 15th, 2010|07:50 am]
Takatori Reiji
It seems we DO still have it in us!

We decided to wear a red tie to celebrate the occasion.
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2010|08:18 am]
Takatori Reiji
Signed up all three members of Schwarz for Japanese classes. I thought when Schuldig admitted he couldn't read a newspaper, that it wasn't necessary. However, I realized that if Crawford can't read my reports, it would explain so much...

Edit: Crawford's classes cancelled, business classes substituted. Farfarello and Schuldig's classes remain unchanged.

Edit 2: Schuldig's classes cancelled, obedience training at a Ginza pet salon substituted. I will continue to monitor Farfarello's situation.

Edit 3: Farfarello's classes cancelled, with money to be added to his scholarship fund as required.
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2010|11:02 am]
Takatori Reiji
Saturday, and I am glad for it. At around three or four o'clock this week, my heart would suddenly seize up. I couldn't shake the feeling I would soon be getting a call from the school about the boy and some trouble he had brought upon himself. Luckily, nothing of the sort has come to pass. My perceived role in the education of Ouka is most complicated. On the one hand, she is a girl I met as part of my extensive charity work, although I have never misrepresented the stability of her home life, but on the other hand, it is I who is consulted on matters pertaining to school. So it is the same with the boy.

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Reiji Takatori's LoudTweetings for Today [Jan. 25th, 2010|06:04 pm]
Takatori Reiji
Reiji Takatori's LoudTweetings for Today

* 05:58 Going around Shinjuku and Shibuya in my white van equipped with heavy-duty speakers. #
* 06:27 Good morning everyone! Please vote for me! #
* 07:01 There *are* upcoming elections, aren't there? Must be. #
* 09:59 Almost time for golf! <3 Then I'm filling out forms for a certain private school for the rest of the day. #
* 11:56 NANAKO? #
* 11:58 The Catorialist: http://thecatorialist.blogspot.com/ #
* 14:33 Seriously, NANAKO?!? #
* 14:39 I thought Nagiko was far more poetic. Or how about something pretty like Yume or Aya? #
* 14:42 Nanako... I think I'd rather Ouka was seen with strange foreign men after all. Forms are almost done regardless. #
* 23:59 Good night! #

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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2010|06:23 pm]
Takatori Reiji
I had a nice change from my usual coffee this morning. Honey Earl Grey, brought to me by one of my bodyguards.

But onto more serious matters for a minute. The recent murders have been weighing heavily on my mind lately, particularly with regard to Ouka. I don't see why I can't have a specialist bodyguard for myself and an extra one for her. There are four of them for God's sake! What do they do all day anyway? Complain about coffee and/or the lack of it. And least I drink my morning cup and then get to work. Typical foreigners. I try to understand their culture, but it's difficult sometimes.

For now, if two members cannot be spared, I ask that whoever is assigned to me (I have been assigned someone today, correct? I haven't noticed anyone posted outside my office since Naoe left.) is reassigned to Ouka. I'll review this decision in a month. I imagine that even if the police do capture this murderer, another one will take his place very quickly. And who knows, maybe this next one will target men with impressive sideburns.
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